Catching Up

I’ve been slacking off on posting here but the work has been continuing. The roof on the house started last week. It of course poured the day they started. It kind of worried me but since there was nothing I could do I didn’t even go out to check on it until this morning because I had to go put a lock box on the door so my handyman could get in to start his work. The roof is going slower than expected but it looked to be about 80% done and I did talk to the roofer today and he thinks it will be wrapped up tomorrow. I’m not on a tight timeline so that is fine. Painters are scheduled to come in Monday at that house. I’ll just have to check with the handyman that all the drywall work will be completed. He thought it would only be a day or two. As long as its done by the weekend I’ll be fine. I heard from my lawyer today and I’ve got an eviction hearing set for Nov. 15 so that is progressing as well. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of work that house ends up needing after the eviction is completed. I’m almost positive it will need a new doorknob since I don’t even have a key to get in the house. Besides that in the other two houses the paint and carpets are all done. They both need a little bit of cleaning up – some interior doors and fixtures to replace. Scrub up the bathrooms and kitchens and they should be all set to rent. Time to find a management company to deal with that.