Estimates are Rolling In

I took Saturday off to brew some beer with a friend and go to a concert last night, but it was back on the ball today. I called a bunch of lawn care guys off of Craigslist this afternoon. I found one who was willing to come out and do the work today. So I met him at one house and gave him directions for the three lawns that needed mowing. I talked to him tonight and he got two of them done. He mowed three lawns but it sounds like one of them he mowed the lawn at the wrong address – he went to the west end instead of the east end of the street. Somebody’s going to be happy that they don’t have to mow their lawn. But my guy is going to have to go back out in the morning and mow the right house. I’m supposed to meet him before work and pay him so hopefully that goes smoothly. I’ll be inspecting the other houses before I meet him so hopefully he did a good job. Besides that I met with the first couple painters for estimates. I can already see there’s going to be a pretty big disparity in pricing, so hopefully I get a good deal on a quality painter. We’ll see.