Monday, Monday

I’m a smidge behind on the postings here so this one is for Monday. Monday morning I went to meet the guy who I hired on Sunday to mow the lawns at at three of the houses. We agreed to meet at the last house he was mowing that morning because he had mowed the wrong yard the night before. So before meeting him I went to inspect the work at the other two houses first and discovered that at one of them he had only mowed half of the backyard. The other house was fine. So I met him at third house where he was wrapping up the mowing job and that one was fine too. I told him about the botched backyard and that he needed to mow all the way back to the treeline which is the property line. He quickly offered to go back to the house and fix it. So I paid him for half the job there and we agreed to meet after work. After work was a series of no shows. One by a painter who was supposed to give an estimate – a no show was bound to happen and this was my day. The other one, I realized today, was by me. A roofer was coming out to look at the house and while I don’t need to be there for him to take measurements I realized belatedly that I had agreed to meet him there because he wanted to. I’ll have to figure out if he is going to quote the job anyways. After the no shows I met with lawn mower man and paid him for the rest of the job since he had cleaned up the half completed lawn. Not a bad day, and I’m glad that the two really overgrown yards have been taken care of.