We Have a Painter!

What a crazy day! I was supposed to take the morning off to meet an HVAC repair guy at my personal house, then meet a painter to get another estimate, and finally go see my CPA to do my taxes before heading back to work. Well, I never made it to work today. HVAC guy was supposed to come at 8:30 but when I called at 9:00 his office manager informed me it was on the calendar for 9:30. So now 9:30 was double booked because that’s when I was supposed to meet the painter. So I called the painter and told him what was happening and he agreed to meet whenever I was free. At that point I knew the CPA was a lost cause so I called and rescheduled that to the last opening they had in the afternoon. After the AC was fixed I went to meet the painter. It was supposed to be a quick estimate but ended up lasting close to three hours. After estimating the first house and realizing that he was going to be extremely competitive on price (which from our phone conversation I really didn’t think was going to happen) we had to go do the other two houses and we kind of hit it off and ended up shooting the breeze talking about his franchise business and my real estate investing. Long story short he was just a few hundred dollars more expensive than the cheapest bid I had so far and he can get started this week. So I gave him the job right there. 2 houses are supposed to be painted by the end of Friday. The third house needs a new roof and some drywall work before it can be painted so that one will be dependent on the other contractors. So with the painter set, I scheduled the power to be turned on at those two houses tomorrow and I called up my carpet guy and he’ll be coming out to do an estimate on Wednesday as well. Since I can’t keep missing work days, I put lockboxes on those two houses and all the service people can come and go without me needing to be around, so hopefully that will require a bit less of my time that way. Definitely a good day. It looks like I should have the two houses being painted ready to turn over to a rental agency to find some tenants by the end of the month. If I had tenants in place by the middle of November I would be super excited.