The Real Work Has Begun

The painters got started today. It wasn’t without its problems unfortunately. The house they started in needs some wallpaper removed and it turns out they need water for that. The estimator never told me that and never inquired about water availability, and since these have been vacant houses the water is of course shut off. So they’re a little behind the eight ball now. But apparently the whole house is painted except for that one bathroom where the wallpaper is. They say they’ll have the other house and the remaining bathroom all completed tomorrow. Besides that I got a couple more quotes from roofers and scheduled a couple more roofing estimates. Hopefully someone will be hired for the job in the first half of next week. I also started the hunt for “new” appliances on Craigslist. In the two houses being painted right now, I could probably get by with the appliances that are there right now, but they’re going to look pretty ratty when all the paint and flooring is completed, so I’m looking to pick up some gently used more modern appliances in the next week or two to replace what’s there. Lots of emails have been sent inquiring about stoves and fridges. Let the Craigslist dance begin.