Almost Done

The painter called me first thing in the morning on Friday to inform that they had no water at the second house they were starting on that morning.  I could have told them that in advance.  Even better I could have gotten it turned on if anyone had told me I needed to.  Oh well, the delay’s not my fault and I’m sure it’s a hassle for them but doesn’t seem to cause too major of a delay.  I got an email at the end of the day – they should be wrapping up by middle of the day on Saturday.  A little longer than they had planned but that’s not a problem for me.  I also got the quote from my carpet guy for the two houses.  It came in right about where I expected and he said he could start next Thursday, so he should be starting on Thursday.  I assume it’ll be one house per day, which hopefully means flooring will be all done by next Friday night.  Hopefully by the end of next weekend both houses will be totally ready to rent.  I started getting replies to my craigslist inquiries about stoves and fridges.  So if I can round up enough appliances during the week, I”ll stash them at my house and then do all the installations next weekend along with other little fixes I plan on doing myself.