Papa Needs a New Roof

And I’m going to get one.  I signed the proposal for the roofer today and we met at Home Depot to pick out shingle colors.  My new roof is going to be Slate (not real slate just the color)!  Power is scheduled to be turned on at the house tomorrow and he is supposed to start on Tuesday and says he’ll be done by the end of the week.  I called my handyman again to hopefully get him slotted in right behind the roofer or even at the same time if the weather is nice.  I just don’t want him to get new drywall up and then have it get leaked on again because it’s raining and the new roof isn’t quite done.  But since I haven’t even heard back from him yet I kind of doubt it’s going to move that fast.  No new appliances yet.  I couldn’t get organized with my buddy with the pickup early enough today.  I did finally get ahold of him so we’re planning for a Monday evening pick up but I need to coordinate that with the seller still and he  hasn’t replied to my email yet.