No More Estimates

I got an estimate for the roof emailed to me today.  It’s from a roofer recommended by some folks at my real estate group and he had the best price I’ve seen yet.  I offered him the job and he says he can start on Tuesday.  I think that should be the last of the estimates I need for these three houses.  Everything else should just be scheduling – the handyman after the roofers and then having the painters come in last.  I fear the handyman is going to be the weak link in that but I’m hopeful it could all be done by the end of the month.  If the handyman is booked out that far I may need to find an alternative for getting the drywall work done.  Besides upcoming contractor scheduling I need to buy my appliances.  I contacted all the craigslist sellers who replied back to me so far and have one tentative purchase lined up but I need to arrange a truck with my buddy before I can go get it.